The Best Field Data Capture and
Reporting System on the Market

No other product in the industry combines the right mix of performance, price, and ease of use like Production Manager.
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Why Production Manager?

Easy to Use. From production entry to weekly sales roll ups, PM's interface is intuitive and uncluttered.

Powerful. Corporate Reporting that is instantly available - anywhere, anytime.

No one else offers the same features and functionality for the price we do. It literally pays for itself in the first year.

In The Field

Smart feedback and diagnostics tools help keep your operators on track and your books in order.

Super easy, colour coded data entry interface reduces input errors and speeds up the data entry process.

Customized entry - operators can set up and manage their own run order that fits their process.

In The Boardroom

Management Estimated Sales Rollups with Weekly Variance Reports are automatically created and continuously updated.

Quickly pinpoint trouble spots and keep your company on track with budget variance reports.

See the big picture and easily drill down to understand what makes that picture.

What people are saying about Production Manager

"I have used other products in the past and Production Manager saves our corporation time and money. I would never go back to the other products."

Neil Roszell, President & CEO
Raging River Exploration

"We switched to Production Manager and production tracking became a much simpler and quicker process."

Jack Tarnowsky, Manager of Exploitation
Yoho Resources

"Production Manager is an incredibly easy tool to use. I will never go without it again."

Joel M. Armstrong, President
Maxwell Energy Inc.

"The simplified interface provides a standard view of corporate production that can be accessed with a couple clicks in any web browser. That’s definitely not the case with competitors that I’ve used in the past."

Dave Mombourquette, VP Business Development
Whitecap Resources

"Finally a tool for more than just the accountants! I will be taking PM with me wherever I go."

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