The leading field data capture and reporting system for oil & gas producers

Who We Are

Production Manager has been in the oil and gas business since 2006 and is the leader in field data capture and reporting software.

It is used daily by thousands of operators, engineers, accountants, and executives; a key production management tool for the majority of oil and gas producers in Western Canada.

What We Do

Simply put, Production Manager takes care of all your production data - from data entry in the field to company-wide reporting and analytics.

Field Data Capture

Simple & Intuitive Interface

Everything is within easy reach for operators; tanks volumes, truck tickets, and gas meters are on one screen for fast, reliable data entry and instant production feedback.

All Input Types

From direct manual entry to automated SCADA imports, getting your raw data into Prodman is easy and intuitive.

Offline Access

You can still do data entry without Internet or cellular coverage. Our app is savvy enough to save and automatically upload as soon as you are back in service.

Nothing to install or support

Production Manager is entirely web based and works on any device with a web browser. You can use Prodman from your phone, tablet, laptop, or PC.

Reporting & Analytics

Corporate Summary

Instantly created from field data entries, estimated Weekly Sales Rollup with variance

Production Reports

Raw production data reports can be easily and quickly generated with numerous configurations

Map View

For the visual folks in the crowd, see and filter your production volumes from 50,000 feet.

Oil Marketing Report

Track monthly nominations per purchaser to help meet contract obligations

Lease Ops

Get generated Revenues and Op Ex data, including net backs and net backs per BOE

Third Party Tools

Export data and formatted reports to all your favorite Production Accounting and Data Analytics systems

Diagnostics & Performance


The dashboard provides near real time metrics and status on all your important data components: 

Scada Status

SCADA imports are monitored for data busts and delays, and quickly gets you to the source of any issues with your automated imports.

Inventory Issues

Scans and identifies negative tank inventories and conflicts between tank gauge entries and inventories.

Production Swing

Wells with abnormally large changes in production - either by BOE or percentage - are flagged and highlighted on the dashboard

Testing Schedules

Very convenient list that maps out which wells need to be tested and when.

Mobile Apps

Prodman Field

The mobile app for field data entry runs on Apple and Android devices. We know that a decent internet connection can be a luxury in the field, and the app is built to work without Internet or cellular coverage. Operators still do books while offline and the app will automatically connect and upload data once back in service.

Trucking App

Ties your hauling companies into Production Manager. Tickets are entered and verified by the hauling company's drivers and dispatchers, and posted in Prodman. It really takes a load off the operators. Pun intended.

Training & Support


Field staff are up and sprinting within half a day of on-site or remote training.


Things break. Even data. We're pros when it comes to all types of support requests; from "needed it yesterday" and "RFN", right up to DefCon One:  "I broke the Internet".